ISSUE 96 | JAN 2021


Outrage Urgency Comfort by Ravi Zupa

From the Editors: Bitter Water

Beirut’s Unheard Omens

Sunrise Alarm

Cataclysms to Desolate the World

In Which Confucius and Aristotle Place Our Hands on the Elephant

Ayahuasca, the Eye, and the Ashram

What It Means to Be Alive: An Interview with Ravi Amar Zupa

Cannibals in the World to Come: Thomas Thorowgood, the New World, and the Lost Tribes of Israel

Three Angels

Sun of All Suns

Prophets in the Wilderness: On Utopian Dreaming in the American Midwest

Constructing the Lathe of Heaven

Pitches for Poems

A New Year’s Postscript