Kit Eginton

Kit Eginton is a gorgeous twentysomething, a poet and translator of Russian poetry, and an editor of the Hypocrite Reader. she/her, née Robbie

Articles by Kit Eginton:


in Issue 101 | Facing the Thing (Jul 2023)

My Own Sanity Within That Madness

in Issue 101 | Facing the Thing (Jul 2023)

The Weight of Breasts That Aren’t There

in Issue 97 | Prophecies II (Apr 2021)

A New Year’s Postscript

in Issue 96 | Prophecies (Jan 2021)


in Issue 93 | With(out) Child (Dec 2018)

On Wanting Magic to be Real

in Issue 88 | Magic (Jul 2018)

A Dull, Distinct Light

in Issue 87 | Old Age (Jun 2018)


in Issue 85 | Reboot Mini-Issue (Apr 2018)

Under New Management: A letter to the readership

in Issue 84 | Interregnum (Mar 2018)

Articles illustrated by Kit Eginton:

in Issue 90 | Chronic (Sep 2018)

PC: Kit Eginton with Francesca Violich.

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